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Economics at Touro College Berlin

At Touro College Berlin you have the opportunity to enroll in a number of different economics courses in addition to your regular management (or psychology) courses. In the German management degree program you can choose the focus area Managerial Economics, in the US management degree program you can even earn a Minor in Economics. There are several good reasons why you may want to add more economics and thus a more quantitative focus to your studies, see e.

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Why study economics?

A career in Economics…it's much more than you think from American Economic Association on Vimeo. Look are the American Economics Association’s website for what careers follow after an economics degree, career earnings, and more… Or, check out this site sponsored by the Royal Economic Society. Here you will find, among many other things, what you can expect to earn (in the UK) with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics:

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And while you are here, you may want to have a look at JokEc: Jokes about Economists and Economics to lighten your mood and ease your learning of economics.

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Laptop Use

Laptops are banned from use during class sessions for some of my courses. For the reasons see: Hembrooke, H. and Gay, G., 2003. The laptop and the lecture: The effects of multitasking in learning environments. Journal of computing in higher education, 15(1), pp.46-64. Yamamoto, K., 2007. Banning laptops in the classroom: Is it worth the hassles?. Journal of Legal Education, 57(4), pp.477-520. Fried, C.B., 2008. In-class laptop use and its effects on student learning.

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Academic Writing

The Basics First steps for the becoming economist Thomson, William. A guide for the young economist. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 2011. How to structure your paper Kording, Konrad P., and Brett Mensh. “Ten simple rules for structuring papers.” bioRxiv (2016): 088278. On the Process of Research Writing: Outlining, Drafting, Editing Booth, Wayne C., Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, Joseph Bizup, and William T. Fitzgerald. The craft of research. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016.

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JokEc - Jokes about Economists and Economics

Please submit new jokes about economist and economics to and read more jokes about economist and economics here! The original JokEc compiled by Pasi Kuoppamäki in Finland was mirrored in Japan, UK and USA. Now, these sites are not maintained anymore and are often unavailable for some time. I believe that even Adam Smith would enjoy these jokes. JokEc is a collection of professional humor for the benefit of economists as well as non-economists.

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JokEc2 - More Jokes about Economists and Economics

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