Unfortunately, at the beginning of this year google discontinued its appointment slots for google calendar that allowed to book an appointment by just choosing an open slot in my calendar. I have found a replacement service now. Though less flexible it has also the advantage that you do not need a google calendar account any more if you want to book an appointment with me. You find the link to book an appointment with me in the navigation menu on the left. Please use this for arranging an appointment with me.

Summer Research Internship

Location: Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen-Schönebeck, Germany Languages Required: German native level and fluency in English Starting Date: July, 2nd 2012 Duration of the Internship: 2 months [h5]DESCRIPTION[/h5] The Research Intern will have the opportunity to work within the field of Experimental Economics and learn many aspects of economic research, programming and running experiments, and data analysis. The Research Intern will assist with the recruitment of participants, help in the preparation and running of the experimental sessions, and perform any other relevant duties as assigned (e.g. translating flyers). The Research Intern will also be able to attend local events. [h5]REQUIREMENTS[/h5] Candidates should have a demonstrated interest in behavioral economics, experimental economics, or related field. Experience with basic spreadsheets is preferred and additional experience with statistical software is a plus. [h5]APPLICATION PROCEDURE[/h5] To apply, please submit your Resume in English to Micaela M. Kulesz, Research Associate to Prof. Dr. Dennis A. V. Dittrich, by email to, before June, 22nd.