Industrial Organization

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Course Objectives

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The course will follow the textbook:

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Course Requirements:

Students must read the corresponding chapters of the textbook before each session. Reading the economic press will also be helpful.

I recommend that you try to solve the end of chapter problems in preparation and review of each class session.

Class meets each Monday at 12:30 (see below).

Instructor Information:

Prof. Dr. Dennis A. V. Dittrich

My office hours are 24 hours a day via email. For meetings in my office appointments can be arranged through the my webpage at:

Updated information, links to the literature, additional materials, etc. can be found on my webpage as well.

Grading Guidelines:

Grading ComponentWeight
Midterm Exam 130%
Midterm Exam 230%
Final Examination40%

If the final exam is better than one or both of the midterm exams the corresponding midterm exam grade(s) will be replaced by the grade of the final exam.

You can earn extra points for the final exam by handing in solutions to select problems before they are discussed in class (see below).


A typical 3 credit course requires 150 hours of your time. The table below identifies how I expect those 150 hours will be allocated. While you do not receive direct marks for reading, reading will affect your class participation mark (your ability to participate in class discussions and activities) and your final exam mark.

Class Time (3 hours / week)45 hours
Reading (3 hours / week)45 hours
Preparation and Review (4 hours / week)60 hours

Topics and Reading Assignments

Session 1 (04.09.)

Session 2 (11.09.)

Session 3 (18.09.)

Session 4 (25.09.)

Session 5 (02.10.)

Session 6 (16.10.)

Session 7 (23.10.)

Session 8 (30.10.)

Session 9 (06.11.)

Session 10 (13.11.)

Session 11 (20.11.)

Session 12 (27.11.)

Session 13 (04.12.)

Session 14 (11.12.)

Session 15 (08.01.)


Topics and reading assignments are subject to changes.

Problem sets

We will discuss problems – mostly taken from our textbook – in class. You will find the problems for download in a dropbox folder: here.

If you do not have a Dropbox account yet: Get one for free!