Some tools for remote teaching and collaboration

Current circumstances require most in academia to move their professional activities online. While we are already used to collaborate over large distances for our research, for teaching this may be new. Here, I share a few tools that I have used in the past and that I am using now again. Most of them are a little bit more “niche” than the video conferencing services we have to use now to reach our students.

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Touro email via gmail (or any other mail reader with pop3)

Since the college’s own email web portal is a bit clunky and most want to read email on their smartphones it is more convenient to import any Touro email to the mail reader of your choice. Below I briefly explain how to configure gmail so that it fetches Touro email allowing you to read your touro email with either gmail web or on your mobile device. In gmail, go to settings (the little gear icon), choose Accounts and Import, scroll down to Check mail from other accounts and click on Add a mail account.

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(No) Email to/from accounts provided by Microsoft

For some time now I have not been able to answer any email from accounts provided by Microsoft. This includes accounts in the,, and domains. Why? Microsoft rejects all my emails because – they claim – another server on the same network as mine was suspected to send spam-like messages. This is what I get if I try to send an email to a microsoft provided email account:

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Transition to Hugo

This website has gone through several changes over the years. It began as a tikiwiki and was after some years converted to drupal. After several upgrades, that were not always painless, I think it’s time to move on. Both content management systems were probably overkill (and tikiwiki was terribly slow). Now, the site is created with Hugo, a static website engine. For the initial conversion, I shamelessly copied Rob Hyndman’s generously shared configuration.

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Among German economists on Twitter, they say I am influential

The German blog makronom created a ranking of economists from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on Twitter:

See their original post here and an update here.

Experimentalists are Theorists

Move to Berlin

At the end of August 2014, I will leave Jacobs University for a new position in Berlin: Professor of Economics at Touro College Berlin.

Dear students and colleagues, you are welcome to keep in touch: