Touro email via gmail (or any other mail reader with pop3)

Since the college’s own email web portal is a bit clunky and most want to read email on their smartphones it is more convenient to import any Touro email to the mail reader of your choice. Below I briefly explain how to configure gmail so that it fetches Touro email allowing you to read your touro email with either gmail web or on your mobile device.

In gmail, go to settings (the little gear icon), choose Accounts and Import, scroll down to Check mail from other accounts and click on Add a mail account.

You will then have to enter your full email address (click on next), choose Import emails from my other account (POP3) (click on next), and enter your email account password, the POP server is (click on add account). Now gmail verifies whether all entries were correct.

You may want to uncheck Treat as an alias.

When gmail asks Would you also like to be able to send mail as ***** select yes (and click next).

The required smtp server is, port 465. Enter again your full email and your password. Gmail will send you now a verification email, either click on the verification link or enter the verification code manually.

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