• social norms and preferences,
  • heterogeneity and stability of preferences
  • labor economics,
  • public economics and policy,
  • (evolutionary) game theory,
  • behavioral and experimental economics,
  • microeconometrics and applied bayesian statistics

Currently working on

  • Kulesz, Micaela; Dittrich, Dennis A.V.; Schniter, Eric. Intergenerational Cooperation: An Experimental Study of Ageism in Trust and Exploitation.
  • Brosig-Koch, Jeannette; Dittrich, Dennis A.V.; Hennig-Schmidt, Heike. Decentralized mechanisms for the provision of public goods: An experimental study on the effects of communication in nine-person groups.
  • Dittrich, Dennis A. V.; Kocher, Martin. An Experiment on Contract Design with Endogenous Supervision.
  • Dittrich, Dennis A. V.; Kulesz, Micaela. How Do Pay Comparisons Affect Employees’ Effort Choices in an Intergenerational Working Context?
  • Dittrich, Dennis A. V.; Tontrup, Stephan. Pricing Procedural Fairness.
  • Dittrich, Dennis A. V.. Social Ties and Rigidity in Repeated Ultimatum Bargaining Games.
  • Dittrich, Dennis A. V.. Measuring Ordinal Dispersion and Heterogeneity in Small Samples.

Former postgraduate students

  1. Karina Hoekstra. Discrimination in Medical Treatment: Economic Experiments in Indonesia, Germany, and The Netherlands, (Ph.D., graduated 2016).
  2. Micaela Kulesz. Experiments on Intergenerational Interactions. (Ph.D., graduated 2013).